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I craft simple & clean designs of all the techniques for engraving on wood.
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A Laser Engraver Designer is an artist that etches specific designs, words, and even images onto different types of materials. The design or the image is based on a client’s specifications or the artist’s own personal designs. A modern engraver can use precision lasers to achieve their results, or they may use hand tools and a magnifying glass depending on how they have been trained.

They can work on glass, metal, stone, wood and other materials, and can also engrave and create custom plates made of metal or wood that can be used for stamping images on paper.


Founded in 2019 by Joao Sarmento, a bartender that was looking for a life change.

The company started as a hobby in the begin of the year, but the passion and the offer grew in 1st lockdown times. 


My name is Joao Sarmento, and my portfolio is a representation of what I have learned and accomplished as a Laser Engraver Designer so far, I use laser machine as a tool to create personalised products for customers that required unique products.

My personal philosophy is to work together and close to the customers in purpose to give more value to ordinary products using the customer’s thought with my Product’s making process passion.

I have a lot of fun and my passion grows during new small projects, so I am looking for new challenges or opportunities in Laser Engraving and Cutting


Nothing2Du provides a creative laser cutting and engraving service. Passionate about helping British businesses manufacture quality products here in the UK. Whether that is helping with a prototype, manufacturing a component or producing the finished product. Our clients include a wide range of businesses and individuals from creative designers and makers, restaurants, bars, and small business.

We have a passion for creating professional, innovative design work and combine this with the endless possibilities of laser engraving. You work directly with us, no sales team, no receptionist, this gives you the best and most personal service possible.


"Great quality products!!!
I got the first Smokey Smokey box and I love it. All fully personalised for my liking, great design. I will definitely be making some orders for Christmas gifts !! Nothing2Du... GREAT STUFF !!"

Marlon Mia Speid

"We were stunning with both work's received by Nothing2Du. We loved the result and the creativity on it. Great job and a great guy behind the brand. Thanks"

Ana Rita Veiga

"100 % would recommend nothing2Du. Not only is the product full of creativity, but creator is able to work alongside side you and create the personalized gift you have imagined and more. 10/10 would definitely recommend."

Nazmia Hamza

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