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Founded in 2019 by Joao Sarmento, a bartender that was looking for a life change.

The company started as a hobby in the beginning of the year, but the passion and the offer grew in 1st lockdown times.

After a few engraving jobs with Waterfront London Restaurant and Popbrixton, Joao understood the potential of the business and started expanding and looking for products that could be an interesting, personalised products offer.

Slowly, Joao is investing in new machinery to bring new processes to the service list, the business continues to grow with the support of our most excellent laser customers!


We are a small company; you will speak directly with the designer and manufacturer to get the results you need. Everything is designed and made in house, from the start of your project through to the finished article this gives us scope to meet your deadline and reduce our lead time so that you can complete your project faster.

As experienced salesperson we also understand deadlines and will always respond to your query as quickly as possible. Every project requires a bespoke quotation which we prepare as swiftly as possible. We are also able to accommodate sample orders, and low quantity production runs which means you get to see the quality of our work before the project is complete and changes can be made.

We provide a personal, bespoke service. If you have an idea you would like to try, we are happy to talk you through the logistics to realise the project and we will always talk you through any queries you may have.

Our mission is to create a unique and different experience for customers who are looking for original products by using their thoughts with our creativity, inputting what they love with our product’s making process passion and adding a unique touch to their expectation through unique personalized products.


Nothing2Du provides a creative laser cutting and engraving service. Passionate about helping British businesses manufacture quality products here in the UK. Whether that is helping with a prototype, manufacturing a component or producing the finished product. Our clients include a wide range of businesses and individuals from creative designers and makers, restaurants, bars, and small business. We have a passion for creating professional, innovative design work and combine this with the endless possibilities of laser engraving. You work directly with us, no sales team, no receptionist, this gives you the best and most personal service possible.